If you are the owner of a Jeep, there are shops around town that have your best interest in mind. They specialize in the popular four-by-fours.

Don Falkner, owner of MEPCO, is the recognized Jeep expert. So much so, in fact, that Jeep owners from around the country use Falkner's services.This is especially so for drivers of older Jeep models . . . "Dating back to 1940 models."

Falkner carries a large stock of Jeep parts. "We also have a national locating system that allows us to check with many sources and then bring it into the country. This includes everything for a Jeep, easy to find parts and difficult parts, like a tail light lense for a Jeep Commando, 1966 to 1973 models. They're real hard to find."

He said he has been gathering inventory since 1959, buying parts from shops and dealers all over the country.

He said that over the years he has noticed that people with Jeeps 1976 and newer tend to drive them on a regular basis. Those with older Jeeps tend to use them only occasionally, "like during the coming hunting seasons. Which means that there is more of a demand for parts 1976 and newer. It also means that parts for older models can sometimes be difficult to find, which is why he carries a large inventory of parts for years 1940 up to new models.

Fulkner urged those going out hunting to service the vehicle before going, and service it again after. Dust and dirt get into parts and can cause damage. He also suggested owners tochange the oil every 3,000 miles, or after a hard trip into the backcountry.