The number one source of pollution in our major cities is automotive emissions. While automobile manufacturers and Congress work to reduce emissions and lengthen motor emissions warranty, there is a lot that you, as an individual, can do to improve the performance of your automobile and at the same time pollute less.

"New cars are designed to run with minimal emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, and the level of their emissions is directly affected when a vehicle is not properly maintained," according to a spokesman for the United States Environmental Protection Agency."A well maintained car benefits everyone and the results help promote a cleaner environment, safer cars and money saved on major repairs", says Mr. George Giek, managing director of automotive engineering and road service for AAA.

According to Carol Celeste, Chairman ACMC (Automotive Chemical Manufacturers Council): "Regular preventive maintenance and a tune-up at least once a year contribute to better fuel economy, minimized air pollution and increased automotive reliability. Chemical additives and cleaners can help to extend the life of your car and help reduce some of the harmful emissions."

There are many chemical additives available that help clean your engine, carburetor and fuel injection system as you drive. Many of these can be easily added to your gasoline. These products, when used on a regular basis as directed, help keep your automobile running at peak performance.

Chemical aerosol cleaners such as carburetor cleaners and brake and parts cleaners work on the outside components of the vehicle to eliminate harmful, and sometimes dangerous, deposits.

Recently aerosol products have been widely charged with damaging the ozone layer and adding to the smog potential.

Since 1978 few aerosols made or sold in the U.S. have contained chlorofluorcarbons (CFCs) which have been linked to upper atmospheric ozone depletion. Not only are CFCs absent from the propellent used in automotive aerosols, there are none in the products themselves.

So, use automotive chemical products with confidence. Use fuel additives on a regular basis. Regularly check all fluid levels. Remember, routine preventive auto maintenance will help reduce emission levels and promote a cleaner environment. And chemical additives and cleaners can reduce potential problems and help you avoid costly repairs.