While gas prices continue to increase in Utah, a few lucky drivers filled up for free Thursday.

KISN 97 radio personalities "Fisher and Todd," dressed as Arabs, gave away 1,000 gallons of regular and unleaded gasoline at a Holladay gas station.The duo said they dressed like Arabs in honor of the Saudis hosting the U.S. troops in the Middle East.

"We're doing this in response to the energy situation," said radio personality Todd Collard. "We've been talking to our listeners about the situation and we thought this would be a fun thing to do.

"We're dressed like the Arabs because they are the good guys," Collard added.

Along with the free 1,000 gallons of gasoline, the two personalities gave some full-service treatment and free drinks to cool off drivers during the hot afternoon.

Hundreds of motorists waited eagerly for their turn to fill up with up to 20 gallons of gas. The event cost the station about $1,400.

Gas was pumped out on a first-come, first-served basis. The 1,000 gallons lasted about 30 minutes.

Throughout the morning, both radio personalities joked that they had ended up with KISN's credit card and were going to use it to buy gas for their listeners.

"This is wonderful," said John Hunter, a customer who filled up for free. "Gas prices are so high."

Dennis Barnes, another lucky customer, said, "We were driving down the road and saw the free gas sign and I pulled in. This is a great deal."

The radio station announced it will continue to offer free gas every day through the rest of the week, giving away 1,000 gallons of gas each day.