Taiwan Premier Hau Pei-tsun said Friday China's bungled efforts to deal with an attempted hijack caused Tuesday's air crash in Canton that killed 127 people.

"The Chinese communists in the past have always used strong methods to prevent (hijacking), without any concern for passengers' safety," Hau told parliament."We heard that the hijackers wanted to come to Taiwan . . . If they wanted to come, I think we would have let them land safely and, as with the last case, immediately sent the passengers and cabin crew back.

"The hijackers themselves would have been dealt with under the law. I think this would have prevented the disaster."

China said 127 people, including at least 30 from Taiwan, were killed when a Boeing 737 crashed on landing and ploughed into two parked planes after it had been hijacked by a man who told the pilot to fly to Taiwan.

Pilots and crew of China's state-owned airlines are believed to have standing instructions to make every effort to stop hijack attempts in mid-air.