The city is turning a bit green - environmental green.

The energy department has hired an energy conservation analyst to help the city and residents learn to save power and water.Scott Glazier, 32, has been with the city one week. His job will be to outline conservation and education programs for the city.

"With the cost of supplying power going up, the way to conserve costs is to teach consumers to use power more efficiently," Glazier said. "I think it is an idea that is going to be coming very much in line in the '90s."

Glazier worked for Utah Power & Light for nine years in various capacities, including as an energy analyst. He has a marketing degree from Westminster College.

Conservation is something that "is going to have to be marketed," Glazier said. "We're

going to have to teach our consumers to conserve and be efficient."

Murray is the only other city in Utah that has an energy conservationist, Glazier said.