Congress has proven itself so inept with the budget this week that "the American people ought to rise up and toss every incumbent out," Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah, said Friday.

Garn's temper exploded on the Senate floor, where he has been the Republican manager of a drug laundering enforcement bill for four days. Fights over the failed budget compromise kept diverting attention from it, and left Garn unable to proceed with even minor action on the bill.Garn - who is almost legendary in the Senate for his infrequent-but-scathing outbursts - roared, "We're not doing any work at all. Why don't we close the place down?"

He added, "I'm tired of sitting out here on the floor for the fourth day in a row, disrupting my schedule from important things that I could do, with nobody coming over here."

Garn complained that Congress has failed to serve the people. "We lose touch with reality. There is no reality in this town."

Then he blasted Congress for partisan bickering on the budget compromise - which the House refused to pass Friday.

"I didn't like the budget last night either, but it's irresponsible to reject it. I hear people talking about how it was only a $500 billion reduction in the deficit, and that we've still got a trillion dollars left.

"Of course we do. Have those people got a plan for the other trillion? If you can't pass this one, do you think we can raise taxes enough and cut expenditures enough to take out another trillion? "With all the rhetoric on both this floor and on the House floor, the American people ought to rise up and toss every incumbent out until we start doing our work," said Garn, whose term expires in 1992.