To the editor:

Please accept my compliments on your paper's arts coverage. Reviews, criticism and listings of coming events are all splendid. Your arts specialists are well grounded in their disciplines and have an obvious desire to speak honestly and connectedly to newspaper readers.In my travels around the state in support of Utah writers, writing, learning and publishing, I'm often in a position to list resources for writers, audiences of readings, workshop attendees and worthy readers. Among the many excellent sources available to Utahns, I always count the Sunday Deseret News Arts Section at or near the top of any list.

Especially is this true at far-flung spots where availability of large libraries, universities, support groups and booksellers who stock works by Utahns - or by or about Utah and Utahns - can be hard to come by.

Your arts stories contribute significantly to sensitive and charged interchange among artists, intellectuals, appreciators of the arts and the general public.

Your commitment to this cause is everywhere obvious in your pages, and your understanding of the vital role arts and artists lend to our state's quality of life is commendable as well.

G. Barnes

Literary arts coordinator

Utah Arts Council