A renegade colonel who led a revolt on the Philippines' second-largest island, surrendered Saturday, ending the seventh military rebellion crushed during President Corazon Aquino's four-year rule.

Aquino had refused to negotiate with the rebels and promised to crush them.Col. Alexander Noble surrendered unconditionally at 3 a.m. to Sen. Aquilino Pimentel on Mindanao island, said Pimentel and military Chief of Staff Gen. Renato de Villa.

Brig. Gen. Emiliano Templo, a military spokesman, said Noble's chief civilian ally, Reuben Canoy, had also been arrested. Canoy is leader of the Mindanao Independence Movement and joined Noble in proclaiming self-rule for the island.

Pimentel said he would bring Noble, 42, to Manila later Saturday and turn him over to the military. Government troops were rounding up Noble's followers "group by group," de Villa said.

"The small disruption in northern Mindanao is over," he said. "We have recovered the camps that they seized. We are normalizing the conditions in these two cities."

There was no immediate comment from Aquino. Officials said she was notified shortly after Noble gave up.

In Cagayan de Oro, 500 miles south of Manila, a grim-faced Noble claimed his objectives of drawing attention to problems of Mindanao had been achieved.