Tourism accounted for about 10 percent of Millard County's business income during 1989 as Delta reaped increased economic benefit from the Great Basin National Park and visits to the Intermountain Power Plant.

Glen Swalberg, the county's tourism director, reported $4,549,000 was spent by tourists in Millard County. Total business income of the county was $43,724,000.Swalberg said the 140,000 people who visited the county accounted for 55,600 overnight motel accommodations, producing income of $1,767,000. Visitors spent an additional $8 each for saleable goods, amounting to $1,040,000 and an average of $6 each for fuel sales of $780,000.

The Great Basin National Park, located 90 miles west of Delta, attracted 72,000 visitors, many of whom traveled through Delta.

The tourism director reported that 29,000 of the 50,000 people who went through Delta spent at least one night in Utah. About 8,000 spent a night in Delta, 20,000 ate at least one meal in the community, most bought gas at local stations, and 22,500 bought other items.

More than 6,000 people have toured the IPP during the past five years, according to Terry Hyde, administrative manager. He said company officials didn't realize how many people would be interested in visiting the plant. A self-guiding exhibit center was recently opened to the public and tours of the plant are available.

A museum, which highlights the history of West Millard County and provides information about the national park now located near the Utah-Nevada border, was also opened in Delta by the Great Basin Historical Society.