An ad hoc athletic discipline subcommittee has recommended that USU coaches be required to write disciplinary policies for on- and off-campus non-academic violations by student athletes.

"We found that individual head coaches now have a wide discretion in regard to student athletic discipline and coordination of disciplinary action between the athletic department and the office of student services is not adequate," said Chris Coray, subcommittee chairman.Coray said the subcommittee, which studied the issue over the summer, was formed mainly because of several negative incidents earlier this year involving a number of football players.

The subcommittee maintained that while offenders may fall under the jurisdiction of the court, the vice president of student services or the administration, disciplinary action by one body should not preclude action by another.

The panel recommended that the athletic department and its coaches be required to accept any penalties ordered by the student services office.

"Athletes represent the university in a very visible way."