The Sanpete County Commission expects to end ongoing controversies over property lines in the Sterling Six Mile area with the adoption of a survey it has commissioned.

Controversies over property locations in the area have resulted in accusations of land grabs, put neighbors at odds with one another, resulted in threats of lawsuits and most recently resulted in the circulation of a petition signed by about 100 residents asking the county to take definitive action in resolving the issue.The questions about property locations have also impeded the issuance of building permits, the transfer of property rights and in some cases the assessment of property for tax purposes.

Sunrise Engineering has been awarded a contract to make a survey of the area at an estimated cost of $10,000. That survey, Ernest Rowley of Sunrise Engineering has promised, will stand up under legal scrutiny.

The new survey, County Attorney Ross Blackham said, will determine where section corners are located and property lines then can be based on those corners.

The original surveys were made by government agencies more than a century ago. Railroad surveys were made in 1909 and 1915. In 1986, the county contracted with a private firm, at a cost of around $30,000, for a survey to resolve the issue.

However, discrepancies since have continued to be found between the various surveys and some property owners have continued to protest.

"It's been a mess," Commissioner Robert Bessey said, adding that "we think the new survey, which we expect to officially adopt, will settle the issue so far as the county is concerned."