Members of the Navy's Individual Ready Reserves from Utah and Wyoming are under orders to report to their readiness center in Fort Douglas on Saturday as part of a nationwide one-day screening.

But it has no connection with the gulf crisis. "This is something we do every year," said Lt. Kent Atwood, executive officer of the Navy-Marine Reserve Center, based at the fort.Altogether, 248 reservists from the two states - only 18 of them from Wyoming - have been ordered to participate in the event. The Defense Department is trying to identify, locate and verify the status of Navy men and women who have a military obligation in the Reserve that doesn't include active participation in a Reserve unit.

The Individual Ready Reserves, sometimes wrongly labeled the "inactive reserve," are liable for a call to active duty to augment other military forces in time of national emergency.

The typical member of the Individual Ready Reserves "is someone who has already fulfilled their active duty and/or drilling reserve time," said Atwood. The members are a reserve pool for the Navy, he said.