In less than six months, the remains of two Utah men listed as missing in action during the Vietnam War have been recovered, identified and returned to the United States for burial. Some similarities shared by the return of the remains of Lt. Col. Franklin A. Caras of Benjamin, Utah County, and Col. Mark L. Stephensen of Riverton:

-Both were Air Force pilots who went down over North Vietnam during April 1967.-Both were missing for 21 years and family members and friends were with little or no information of possible whereabouts.

-Each is survived by a widow and four children, with relatives active in the National League of Families organization for POWs and MIAs.

-The remains of both men were recovered and returned in 1988 to Utah for hometown burials.

Utahns are still missing. Of the nearly 2,400 Americans still considered as missing in action from the Vietnam War, 24 men are listed as having Utah hometowns. They include:

-Capt. Ralph J. Chipman, Orem.

-Capt. John M. Christensen, Ogden.

-Lt. Col. Charles R. Conner, Salt Lake City.

-Sgt. Raymond J. Crow Jr., Salt Lake City.

-Maj. Sgt. John T. Dingwall, Provo.

-Capt. John C. Ellison, Layton.

-Maj. Russell C. Goodman, Salt Lake City.

-Capt. George L. Hubler, Moab.

-Capt. Clive G. Jeffs, Salt Lake City.

-Sgt. Robert Earl Jenne, Salt Lake City.

-Lt. Cmdr. Peter H. Krusi, Smithfield.

-Capt. Albin E. Luck, Salt Lake City.

-Seaman James E. Martin, Salt Lake City.

-Capt. Lynn K. Powell, Provo.

-Staff Sgt. Harold E. Reid, Salt Lake City.

-Capt. Robert A. Rex, Randolph, Rich County.

-Sgt. 1st Class James F. Schiele, West Valley

-Cmdr. Gene Albert Smith, Salt Lake City.

-Lt. Col. Bruce C. Walker, Ogden.

-Lt. Cmdr. Michael W. Wallace, Salt Lake City.

-Maj. Robert C. Wiechert, West Jordan.

-Cpl. Imlay Scott Widdison, Woods Cross.

-Col. Don C. Wood, Provo.

-Maj. Robert F. Woods, Salt Lake City.

(Sources: Deseret News files; National League of Families lists.)