Juab County commissioners will meet with Utah County commissioners on Tuesday to discover whether or not they can participate with the Utah County Sheriff's Department in a partnership to bring 911 emergency service to Juab County.

If the decision is made to participate, Juab officials must take several steps to bring the service to the county.Bill Jensen, representing AT&T, told Juab commissioners they would need to enter into interlocal agreements with each of the four incorporated cities in the county. They must also send a letter of notice to the Public Service Commission 30 days before levying a surcharge.

The next step, Jensen said, is to send a letter to the phone company. That must include copies of the agreements with the cities and copies of the surcharge resolution.

The letter would allow the phone company to begin building the necessary data base.

If the commission wants to charge a 25-cent-a-month surcharge, it would need to decide whether to put the money into a fund that could be used for 911 service.

"We do need to include the two other phone companies in the county," Jensen said. He thought they should be contacted so the county could determine their involvement and what their costs would be.

However, Jensen said Beehive Telephone, which provides service to the remote West Desert communities of Partoun and Callao, and Continental Telephone, which provides phone service in Mills, do not have many lines involved. There are approximately 30 on the West Desert system and nine on the Mills system.

AT&T serves approximately 2,100 lines in Juab County.

If the county determines it must develop its own system rather than participate with Utah County, it would need to pay for the equipment, which could be anywhere from $28,000 to $70,000.

Jensen said there is another, less expensive system the county could use but it does not have some of the features the Utah County system would offer.

"The best option is the partnership with Utah County," Jensen said.