A solar-powered gate to limit access to Farmington Pond should be operational by the end of the week, Davis County Public Works Director Sid Smith told the commissioners Monday.

The gate is somewhat behind schedule because of problems with a supplier, Smith said, but is now back on track.The commission also approved a $2,129 payment for the gate, to be held until it is finally installed and operational.

The gate is being installed at the request of residents around the pond, who have been objecting to late-night traffic, beer parties, vandalism and other problems around the pond.

The gate, which operates on a solar-powered timer, will unlock and open itself at a preset time in the morning.

It is capable of locking itself again in the evening. But, Smith said, someone from either the Farmington police or county Sheriff's Department will have to go to the pond and make sure everyone leaves before the gate locks to prevent people from being locked in.

That arrangement is part of a larger ongoing series of negotiations between the county, Farmington city, and state fish and game representatives on the future use and development of the pond.

To keep the negotiations on track, the commissioners Monday appointed Smith and county planning staff member Barry Burton as the county representatives on a committee that will study the pond and make recommendations on its future use.