Nephi City councilmen have agreed to new curb, gutter and sidewalk requirements for the community.

The policy calls for all building-permit applicants for new residential construction to put in curb, gutter and sidewalk at the applicant's expense.The city building inspector will not issue a certificate of occupancy until the curb, gutter and sidewalk have been built or the applicant has posted sufficient security with the city to guarantee installation within one year.

Construction must follow city specifications, but city crews will engineer and cut the pads for anyone building curb, gutter and sidewalk. Asphalt will be installed by city crews from the existing street to the curb line.

The work can be performed only as scheduling and city funds permit.

The one question city councilmen had was whether they should begin requiring the curb, gutter and sidewalk just as the city begins building a municipal gas line. They said it doesn't make sense to install sidewalks, then tear them up. However, City Administrator Randy McKnight said the plan has flexibility. Builders have one year to have the improvements in place, and the gas line should be in by next fall.