All 24 students in teacher John Murphy's third-grade class at Farmington Elementary School earned Deseret News sports page T-shirts in a recent Literacy Month program sponsored by the newspaper.

Murphy said he credits his student teacher Kara McKean, West Bountiful, a student at Weber State College, with helping his students win the T-shirts.McKean and Murphy learned from the Deseret News that September was Literacy Month and Sept. 8 was Literacy Day in America. He also learned the Deseret News was offering children T-shirts with a reproduction of a Deseret News sports page on the front if they read 10 articles from different issues of the paper and clipped and mailed them to the paper's Young Ideas section.

The students said they enjoyed reading the Deseret News and expect to continue reading it. Lindsey Callan and John Cowan said they enjoy the sports pages the most. Lindsey said, "I'm especially glad the T-shirt has the sports page on it."

Jacob Holmes said he enjoys the Deseret News comics the most. "I like the arts section on Sunday and stories about painting. I like to draw and paint," he said.

Anita Bybee said her favorite section of the Deseret News is the front page. "I like to know what is going on in the world," she said.