Jason Overman, the 5-year-old Orem boy awaiting a bone-marrow transplant to fight his rare form of nerve cancer, was admitted Monday afternoon to the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

"The nurses are helping him get all checked in and making him feel at home," said Vicki Beck, a medical center spokeswoman. Jason arrived at 4 p.m. Pacific time.The boy, a son of Jon and Jane Overman, was diagnosed in February as suffering neuroblastoma. Medical expenses for the potentially life-saving bone-marrow transplant were estimated to cost anywhere from $155,000 for just hospital costs to well over $200,000.

The Overmans' insurance would not pay for the transplant because the procedure is considered experimental, but Utahns and others raised more than $190,000 to pay for the operation, which doctors expect to do about Aug. 11, if all goes well.