The powerful NCAA Presidents Commission decided Wednesday to throw its full weight behind the far-reaching reform package schools will vote on next January at the NCAA convention.

The commission's support does not guarantee passage of the many proposals, which among other things would reduce scholarships, coaching staffs and the number of games in most sports. But it should tilt the odds in favor of adoption.In an unexpected development in their two-day meeting, the presidents also voted to toughen Proposition 48, the controversial freshman eligibility academic requirements.

"We will sponsor a resolution that will call for legislation in 1992 to strengthen the requirements of initial eligibility and continuing eligibility," commission chairman Martin Massengale said Wednesday at a news conference. "It would be difficult to say what direction that will take."

Academic requirements are about the only thing missing from the sweeping three-pronged package that goes before schools Jan. 7-11 in what is being called "the reform convention to end all reform conventions."