Idaho shooters who want to hide guns in cars shouldn't be required to buy a concealed-weapon permit to do so, according to a resolution passed by the Idaho Sheriffs' Association.

And Latah County Sheriff Ken Buxton, while no great fan of hidden weapons, says altering Idaho's concealed weapons law to allow hidden guns in cars could help sort out a frustrating tangle of rules.At a recent meeting in Twin Falls, the association recommended that the Idaho Legislature alter a new state law to allow people to hide weapons in vehicles. The new concealed-weapon law, which went into effect July 1, requires a $50 permit for people who want to tuck a pistol under the seat of a car.

No screening, license or fees would be required to hide a gun in a car, according to the sheriffs' proposal.

Buxton said he doesn't like the idea of people concealing weapons in automobiles. But he supports the proposed change to make the law more practical.

"The concealed-weapons law is such a mangled mess that simplification seems to be the best way to go," he said.

Many people who want the permits want to carry guns in cars, the sheriff said. If the law is changed to allow driving with a gun out of sight, fewer people will need to spend $50 every four years for a permit. And law enforcement agencies will save the cost of investigating applicants, he said.