Officials at the Richfield Indian Dormitory are opting for a direct contract educational program in Sevier County to replace one under the direction of the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Kevin Skenandore, dormitory principal, said an application for a contract school, with some services to be provided by the Sevier School District, has been filed.The BIA Indian integration program has been in effect with the district for more than three decades. During most years, more than 100 students from the Navajo Indian Reservation in Utah and Arizona have attended Sevier District schools in Richfield and Monroe. They have been housed in the dormitory in Richfield.

The contract application is being reviewed by the Navajo Education Committee. It has already been approved by the Sevier District Board of Education and would be put into effect if approved by the committee.

Officials say they believe contracting with the school district would provide better health care for Indian students and employees, improve facility management and provide a more effective way to manage and operate the overall program.