Despite a personal plea from Gov. Norm Bangerter, President Reagan made no promises about making a land trade with the state for acreage within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Bangerter spent five minutes with Reagan Tuesday afternoon. The two were photographed together and chatted briefly about the land exchange.After the meeting, Bangerter said Reagan will probably follow Interior Secretary Donald P. Hodel's recommendation on the proposal.

Hodel is looking at Utah's proposal carefully, but Bangerter wouldn't predict what his decision would be.

Bangerter met earlier with Environmental Protection Agency officials to discuss disposal pits for Thiokol rocket fuel waste in Box Elder County.

EPA requires Thiokol to line its disposal pits by Nov. 8. Thiokol's new pits won't be ready until April. Bangerter said EPA will not give Thiokol an extension, but he is hopeful it will find a way for Thiokol to comply.

The alternative is to shut down Thiokol, which Bangerter doesn't think will happen.