File lesson plans or face possible criminal prosecution, Boise School District officials have told 76 home-school families in recent mailings.

The warnings, authorized by the School Board, give families two weeks to fill out and return forms outlining their home-school curriculums.Two home-schoolers contacted this week said they had returned or would return the forms.

"I've already sent it back," said Cathy Bentley, who has been teaching three children at home for six years. "I feel that we have to teach our kids respect for the government."

Rebecca Smith, who teaches three children at home, said she had not received a form.

However, she said would fill it out and return it but would attach a message telling administrators she did not recognize their right to evaluate her home-school program.

"We want to make sure they understand that we're not doing this because we have to; we're doing this because we choose to."

So far, said Jack Craven, Boise curriculum director, no home-schoolers have said they will throw the form away.

"I have to be guardedly optimistic that we will have a generally positive reaction from the public."

Some home-schoolers statewide have been advised not to turn in the forms.

Home-school advocate Bob Forrey, a former Idaho legislator, said he has traveled the state telling parents that he believes under the U.S. Constitution and Idaho law, they are under no obligation to fill out the documents.