A city maintenance man working to repair a monument that was dislodged in a car accident in downtown Salt Lake City Monday found a time capsule with contents from another century.

City public works crews were working with a forklift to realign the monument near the Eagle Gate Apartments on the northeast corner of State Street and South Temple Monday afternoon.They noticed something inside the monument, and when Larry Fixmer peered into the monument, he saw a hollow chamber with a locked brass box inside. Fixmer pulled the dusty, oxidized box from its tomb.

Inside the copper box, apparently stuffed inside the monument during a rededication ceremony in the 1950s or 1960s, was another box that public works officials speculated was the original box tucked away in 1871.

The box also contains architectural documents and newspapers published in 1871, including the Deseret Evening News, The Salt Lake Herald and The Salt Lake Tribune.