A 10-year-old boy literally put his grandparents' hometown on the map by prompting a change in the Rand McNally road atlas.

Chris Muncy of Mishawaka, Ind., was looking for a way for his family to reach Parrott, Va., as they planned a trip last year."I was trying to map out a route for us, and I couldn't find Parrott. When we got there, I didn't know where we were," Chris said.

After the trip, Chris wrote Rand McNally, the Illinois map and atlas company. He noted that he enjoyed examining the atlas to see how cities and towns grow.

It turns out Parrott, 35 miles west of Roanoke, had grown from a town of 500 residents to more than 800. Also, Parrott has a post office, which cinched its inclusion in the 1991 atlas.

The town responded with a Chris Muncy Appreciation Day. Chris and his parents, the Rev. J. Mark and Sandra Muncy, attended the ceremony in which the boy was honored with a parade and presented with an early copy of the newest Rand McNally atlas - a version that includes Parrott.