Jermund Skogstad took a break from moving into his new apartment, went out for a bite to eat and forgot to take his new address with him.

That was a month ago."This is embarrassing . . . but I can't find the way back to my new home," the 50-year-old man told the Aftenposten newspaper. "I've searched and searched."

Skogstad went to the newspaper in hopes his landlady would read of his plight and call him. The story and his photograph ran Tuesday, but there had been no call by Wednesday afternoon.

Skogstad moved to the capital from the countyside and lost his way in a maze of streets while walking to a cafe. His wallet, with the address, was in the apartment.

His search has been expensive: He paid a month's rent for the 30 minutes he spent in his apartment and also had to rent a hotel room.