As if strapping the family into seat belts before each outing isn't enough, we now have to worry about corralling our pets in the car.

Not a bad idea, though, considering how distracting an animal can be to the driver - and the unnecessary danger a pet faces in the event of an accident.Enter the Love Belt. This seat belt for pets also functions as a leash and harness to allow you complete control of the animal when you're on the go.

It was designed by Gary Murray of Reno, Nev., after his dog was killed in a car accident. It fits around the pet's chest rather than behind the neck, which can result in a snapped neck.

Murray's company, Pet Love, also makes a model that works in tandem with the seat belt to ensure that your dog stays in the back of the pick-up truck.

Both products are available in sizes to fit most pets and are endorsed by the Humane Society. The Love Belt is $17.95, the Pick-up Belt $l6.95.

- For information, call 1-800-637-LOVE.

- Proper Posture Dog Dishes:

For those of you who feel guilty feeding your canine from the floor, Art Peschke has the next best thing to a doggie dining table. He has developed Proper Posture Dog Dishes. Basically, it's a stand that lifts the bowls closer to a dog's shoulder height, and presumably to a more comfortable eating position.

The stand with two stainless steel bowls is available through Hammacher Schlemmer. Prices range from $90 to $140, depending on height. Before ordering, measure your dog from his shoulder to the floor.

- Telephone 1-800-453-3366.

- Better cat box:

Does the world need a better cat box? The Crazy Cat Lady says we do.

She created Clementine's black cat box, with whimsical white kitties as a design. This tony toilet not only spruces up your cat's private quarters, it also has a rim so your tabby doesn't kick litter onto the floor. Also available is a cat box with a granite finish and a Roman-style box. Each is $60.

- For a "cat-alog," write Crazy Cat Lady, PO Box 691920, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Telephone 1-213-656-7001.