Four people who say a snooty bouncer at a chic nightclub denied them entry and made them feel "like scum" because of their unhip clothing are asking a judge to decide whether that's cool under the law.

The four argued Tuesday in small claims court that their civil rights were violated. They want damages of $250 apiece.The four - a lawyer, a termite company operator, an accountant and an accounting manager from the San Fernando Valley - said they were rejected by a doorman at the Mayan, a trendy downtown club that used to be a porno theater.

"I think we were met at the door by a flippant and arrogant doorman," Jeff Stolzer said in court. "They just looked you over like you were scum."

Municipal Court Commissioner Diana Wheatley said she would issue a ruling later.

Sammy Chao, president of the company that owns the Mayan, denied any discrimination and argued that doormen pick and choose who to let in to keep out troublemakers. He denied there was a dress code.

Kenneth Lipton, 36, a personal injury lawyer specializing in dog bites, Tess Dubrall, 34, an accounting manager, Stephen Ambrosini, 33, an accountant, and Stolzer, 35, who runs a termite company, claim a violation of their rights under a state law passed in 1959 to end discrimination by businesses.

All four waited in vain to get into the club after they rendezvoused there May 19.

Chao said he hires doormen "sensitive" enough to "see through a person" and screen out the intoxicated or dangerous.