About 100 colleges will be shipping videotapes of all their home football games to U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, officials said Tuesday.

Rep. John Duncan Jr., R-Tenn., worked with other members of Congress and the Pentagon in coordinating the weekly airlift of game videotapes. Wilson Sporting Goods has agreed to pay Federal Express for the air shipments to Saudi Arabia.Duncan said the shipments of videotapes will let U.S. troops know that they are being remembered and provide them entertainment during their free time.

"It's hard enough for these soldiers and sailors to be away from home for so long," he said, "but they shouldn't have to miss football season if we can help it."

Troops at many locations just recently received televisions and videocassette recorders/players so they can watch tapes mailed to them.

The idea for the videotape shipments first came from San Francisco businessman David Handy, who watched taped football games while serving in Vietnam.