Adult Parole and Probation agents who were searching for one fugitive from a half-way house ended up shooting a second fleeing felon in a chase around a Main Street motel, authorities said.

Three agents "out doing normal parole types of checks" passed the Colonial Motel, 1530 S. Main St., and saw a man wanted for parole violation, said Ray Wahl, corrections department regional administrator, on Monday.The agents began chasing the man, identified as Richard Thomas, lost him near the motel and began questioning people, officials said.

"As they were making contacts, one of our agents was attacked" by a second individual, also a walkaway, Wahl said.

The officer had to get 12 stitches above his eye for injuries suffered in the scuffle, Wahl said. A second parole agent shot the fugitive as he was fleeing the scene.

The parolee, identified as Cornell Mitchell, was shot in the right buttock, and the bullet went into his intestine. He was listed in serious but stable condition in the intensive care ward at LDS Hospital.

The agent who shot Mitchell was not identified. He is suspended with pay pending a finding by the shooting review board, Wahl said.

Investigators with corrections, Salt Lake City Police and Salt Lake County Attorney's office are probing the 11:30 p.m. Sunday shooting.

The shooting is the second in a year involving corrections officers, Wahl said.

Parole agents shot a pit bull dog that was chained up in the backyard of a home where a fleeing parole violator ran. The officers shot the dog as it was attacking the man, officials said.