Orem Community Hospital

BAKKER, Brent A. and Denise L., Orem, girl.

BARNES, Eric and Caroly, Provo, boy.

BARR, Troy and Phyllis, Orem, boy.

BLAKE, Stephen John and Cathlene, Provo, girl.

FOSSUM, Ernest and Kathryn, Orem, girl.

FUNK, Rex and Kayelyn, Provo, girl.

FURNER, Radawn and WILLIAM, Jeff, Provo, girl.

HARDMAN, Michael and Angeline, Provo, girl.

HARWARD, Bradley and Alice, Orem, boy.

HOLMES, Gregory and Tamara, Provo, girl.

JOHNSON, Eric and Sheri, Orem, boy.

MASON, Thomas and Wendy Sue, Orem, girl.

NIELSEN, Clark and Jodie, Pleasant Grove, boy.

OLIPHANT, William and Micki, Provo, girl.

PACKER, Erik and Lisa, Orem, boy.

PIERCE, Rick and Maria S., Provo, girl.

ROBISON, Mark and Susan, Orem, boy.

RUCKER, Spencer and Andrea, Provo, girl.

SAWYER, Timothy and Suzanne, Orem, boy.

TAYLOR, Eric and Susan Kay, Provo, boy.

WARD, Jeffrey C. and Angela D., Orem, boy.

YORGASON, Steven and Teresa, Provo, girl.