Fortune magazine has announced a surprise in its most recent issue listing the best cities in the United States for business - Salt Lake City is No. 1.

In the Oct. 22 issue, the Fortune magazine survey of metropolitan areas with America's best workers placed Salt Lake City at No. 1, followed by Minneapolis-St. Paul, Atlanta, Sacramento and Austin, Texas.The magazine features Salt Lake workers in a lead story, picturing Mayor Palmer DePaulis.

To escape stereotypes and evaluate labor markets objectively, Fortune asked the corporate relocation consulting firm, Moran Stahl & Boyer to survey human resource executives in the 50 largest U.S. metropolitan areas.

"Everyone thinks it's in the middle of nowhere, but Salt Lake City is the only major Western spot within 850 miles of Phoenix, Denver, Seattle and all major California cities. Its highways are excellent and the airport is an easy 10-minute ride from downtown," according to Fortune.

The article extols Utah's high quality of life, high literacy rate and high bond ratings. It also says liquor laws are loosening.