It looks like Jayson Williams' career with the Phoenix Suns is over before it even started.

Suns president Jerry Colangelo announced Tuesday that the team has offered Williams, their first-round draft pick, only a one-year contract for the minimum $170,000 salary and he likely won't be on the roster this NBA season.Williams, a forward from St. John's, returned to his New York home Tuesday morning and could not be reached for comment.

"His options are many," Colangelo said at a news conference. "He's welcome to come to training camp (starting Friday in Flagstaff). I don't think that's in the cards. No. 2, he can sit out the entire year and go back into the next college draft and we will retain his rights until then.

"No. 3, he can go to Europe and play and we would still retain his rights. And No. 4, we could trade his rights. If anyone's interested, they can call."

Bob Woolf, the Boston-based agent for Williams, said "under the circumstances, it might appear to be the best thing for all parties involved if they do trade him."

Colangelo said he and Suns head coach Cotton Fitzsimmons met with Williams last Thursday and the rookie told them he'd rather play for an East Coast team.

Phoenix drafted the 6-foot-10, 240-pound Williams at No. 21 overall in the June 27 draft although he missed all but 13 games of his senior season with a fractured bone in his right foot. It was surgically repaired in January but he hasn't played a game since Feb. 3.