Wyoming point guard Todd Barnett says he is being thwarted in his attempts to pay child support to his 3-year-old son by NCAA rules.

The mother of Barnett's son, Michelle Allison of Milwaukee, is seeking child support from Barnett for her son, Marquis Allison, so she can continue to attend a technical college without having to accept welfare.But Barnett said NCAA rules prohibit him from holding a job while attending the University of Wyoming on a full scholarship, a situation Allison says left her in the middle.

"I really don't feel that it's fair at all, especially to the kids," she told the Milwaukee Journal. "The NCAA should say you also have responsibility to the child. If you come into a school with a child, the child should be taken care of."

While Barnett has admitted he is the father of the child and has said he would be willing to pay child support, he said he has been told he cannot work while attending school on a scholarship.

Barnett, during a court hearing in August, was ordered to prove to the court by Nov. 2 that he had made 25 attempts to find a job to begin the payment of child support. However, Barnett said he has not looked for jobs because he attended school until August and was not allowed to work once the regular school year began in early September.

Barnett said he believed he was caught between a court system telling him to find a job and a basketball program that was telling him not to.