To the editor:

The people of Utah are fortunate to have Rep. James Hansen, R-Utah, representing them in Washington and working for a balanced budget.The deficit is a bad problem that Congress is making worse. This year, the budget deficit will total $126 billion without counting the cost of the savings-and-loan scandal. Of the 10 appropriations bills passed by Congress this year, spending has risen by 11 percent, an increase of more than $15 billion.

The 11 percent increase in spending is coming at a time when many in Congress are saying they want to raise taxes because the deficit is too high.

Because Congress has failed to cut spending itself, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution would force Congress to get the deficit under control and limit federal spending.

Earlier this year, Hansen took a stand against the big spending ways of Washington, D.C., by casting his vote in favor of the balanced budget amendment. In spite of the best efforts of Hansen and others, the amendment failed by only seven votes.

Let Hansen know that you support a balanced budget amendment and his vote for it. Ask him to sign on as a co-sponsor of the amendment and to sign the petition that will bring it up for a vote again in the next Congress.

David M. Miner, chairman

Americans for a Balanced Budget

Falls Church, Va.