To the editor:

I am an independent in politics and vote for the candidate of proven character and who supports policies and programs that appear to be sound and advisable. Wayne Owens satisfies these criteria.He is a man of integrity who acts on principle rather than on political expediency. He is conscientious, hard-working and communicates often and freely with citizens in his district. We know where he stands on issues.

Wayne's primary concern is with the well-being of people in his district and in the country. He has supported child-care legislation, legislation protecting the Social Security Trust Fund and efforts to expand long term and home health care.

He has worked hard and successfully to obtain funds to complete the Central Utah Water Project and to obtain compensation for citizens who have suffered from exposure to nuclear bomb testing. He is working to reduce the federal deficit and the country's indebtedness.

Human and social problems are many and complex. Wayne Owens has spent the past four years working on them intelligently and effectively. We should not lose that experience.

Lowell L. Bennion

Salt Lake City