Kris Aquino wants to be the Philippine version of Michelle Pfeiffer. The 19-year-old daughter of Philippine President Corazon Aquino is starring in the movie "Pido Dida, Let's Do It Together," which has broken all box office records in her country, playing a poor girl who marries a man she had mistakenly thought was her brother. Critics have said Aquino, who went into acting against her mother's wishes, has no talent, but she's not dissuaded. "I think that everyone, regardless of who or what you are, should be given the chance to fulfill his or her own dream," Kris recently told an interviewer. "I want to be like Michelle Pfeiffer, who can do both comedy and drama." Aquino also has been called frivolous and overly concerned with glitz and glamour, but now she is involved in a citizen's drug watch and gives a portion of her earnings to charity.