Ingemar Bergman has finally gotten around to watching the complete films of one of the world's greatest directors - Ingemar Bergman. Bergman's latest autobiographical work, which will be published later this month in Sweden, says, "I have always avoided seeing my films. The times I have been forced to see any of them, I have always felt angry, sad, upset, shocked and have had to go to the toilet." The director said it took him a year to look through all the films with his editor but he was "still unable to see some of the emotional scenes," which he felt would be too much for him. Bergman and his editor talked about the films and used the 60 hours of taped discussions with Bergman's diaries to form the basis of the book. "I have avoided my films because of the emotions they have stirred in me," he said. "But I felt I had to see them now. I wanted to return to the films and walk through their landscapes. It was a hell of a walk."