"Between an ignorant man and an educated man there is as much difference as there is between a vacant lot and a flower garden. The difference is not in the soil, but in cultivation." - William A. Hightower

Students at Utah Valley Community College are exposing themselves. And administrators are giving them full support.You can see them doing it during lunch at the student ballroom, after hours at the terraced amphitheater, and in the gymnasium on weekends.

And Ann Richardson, advisor to the Cultural Office of Associated Students at the college, said this is just the beginning.

The Cultural Office has begun a program of weekly variety series of cultural offerings appropriately titled "Expose Yourself," Richardson said.

Now let's face it, folks, we've had this wonderful community college sitting next to the Orem 1200 South entrance to I-15 for quite some time now. But, just how many of us Happy Valley citizens have ever checked it out - culturally speaking, I mean.

A few weeks ago a couple of friends and I decided to see James Arrington perform his famous "Farley Family Reunion," which played during the summer months at the College. I was surprised to see more than 1,000 people in attendance.

Last week, country music star Michael Martin Murphy was in concert at the college and Larry Speakes, former White House press secretary, was the guest lecturer at a lunch-time forum.

Who would have thought the "Tech" could pull things off like this?

Times are changing, friends, and so has the community college.

"We have tried to offer cultural activities and speakers in the past, but we just haven't had the money," Richardson said. "The past two or three years we have had one or two major speakers like Adrian Cronauer (whose name was made famous by comedian Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam"), Jaime Escalante (the math teacher whose story was told in the movie "Stand and Deliver") and Bill Demby (the black Vietnam War veteran featured in DuPont commercials)."

The theater department at UVCC, under the direction of Kim Brewster, has worked very hard the past few years building a repertoire of noted performances. In fact, I have found myself in a couple of his productions. And all bias aside, the department has done a wonderful job.

Currently they are presenting the musical "Oklahoma," and will stage "Elephant Man" in early November. The dinner theater always sells out days before the event and acting troops even hit the road and travel to the Salt Lake Community College as a form of cultural exchange.

The politically minded may want to attend the Tuesday, Oct. 9, noon debate between 3rd Congressional District candidates Karl Snow and Bill Orton, or reserve Nov. 12 at noon for a forum debate on censorship.

The debate will feature Jack Thompson, the attorney who filed suit against the popular rap group "2 Live Crew," and Bill Siddon, opposing censorship. Siddon has been involved with big-time rock and roll and was associated with the rock group "The Doors."

Utah Valley Community College is for the community, and administrators, students, faculty and staff encourage the community to expose themselves to what it offers.