You're cruising down a Box Elder County stretch of I-15 a bit too fast, and up from behind comes those flashing red and blue lights of the Utah Highway Patrol.

But you may get a break - if you and everyone in your car is buckled into seat belts.You could still get the speeding ticket, but the trooper will note if everyone in the car was properly restrained. When you go before the judge, you can expect a break on the ticket of either a lessened fine or fewer points taken off your license.

The exact amount of the break hasn't been determined, said 1st District Court executive Nelda Hollingsworth. A letter has been sent to all judges and justices of the peace in the county to ensure they act in unison, she said.

The program goes into effect Monday, but will only be good within Box Elder County, a UHP spokesman said. The program will continue for one year to determine if it has any effect on getting more people to buckle up while driving.

Traffic surveys will be done at the beginning and end of the program to determine its effectiveness. It could expand statewide if proven effective, the UHP said.