Seven juveniles believed to have been involved in the gang-related robbery of a pizza restaurant over the weekend have been captured and arrested by Midvale police.

Three of the juveniles were arrested Sunday night after they returned to the scene of the crime with another friend "to kind of brag about it," said Midvale Police Capt. Dan Pearson.Midvale Officer Cortney Nelson was patrolling the area of Little Caesar's Pizza, 7800 S. State, Sunday night when he observed a vehicle with occupants that matched the description of the youths who robbed the restaurant the night before.

"That's what cracked the case for us," the captain said.

Nelson also realized that the vehicle was stolen. He stopped the vehicle and took the youths into custody. A small automatic pistol was found inside the car.

Midvale officers also arrested two other juveniles, ages 14 and 16, Sunday at a Salt Lake residence, 1068 E. Norris Place (230 South). Another stolen vehicle was recovered from the driveway at that address, Salt Lake police said.

Several gang members, including three juveniles with guns, entered the pizza restaurant just after midnight Saturday and demanded money. They then fled with an undetermined amount of cash.

Some of the juveniles arrested in connection with the armed robbery had previously been arrested for gang-related residential burglaries in which rifles were stolen. Pearson said they had changed gang membership since they were arrested for those burglaries.

"It's been kind of difficult to keep track of them because they're changing around," he said.

Another juvenile - apparently the only member of the gang that wasn't caught - turned himself into Salt Lake police Monday night, saying he "wanted to support" his fellow gang members, Pearson said.