It's possible to spend lots of money adapting a kitchen for special needs, but it isn't always necessary.

Standard products can simplify chores and eliminate problems. Here's a look at some possibilities, recommended by Country Kitchen Ideas.- A faucet sprayer, standard on most kitchen sinks, simplifies lots of chores. Equip it with a long hose and use it to fill pans on the counter or stove and save lifting and carrying. The sprayer also has a spray pattern that allows the user to shampoo with less bending at the kitchen sink.

- One-handed can openers accommodate any size can.

- Fruit or vegetable holders have three pins mounted on a suction base to hold a fruit or vegetable securely in place for one-handed paring or slicing.

- Jar openers make it easier to open jars by improving leverage and grip.

- Utensil extension handles extend the grip or handle of almost any standard utensil by 10 inches. They are lightweight and foldable.

- Lapboards can be added at key locations around the kitchen to create work surfaces at the proper height for a seated cook.

- Looped straps attach to handles of doors and drawers to help a person with a weak grasp open them.

- Under-cabinet drawers provide additional storage within easy reach.

- Cut pieces of magnetic tape to the desired length and stick them onto cupboard doors or walls to hold small metal utensils.

- Pocket magnets are useful for picking up small metal items. Some models have telescoping handles.

- Rolling carts transport laundry, food and other supplies from room to room. Most have two or three shelves; some have wire baskets as well.

- Plastic-coated cabinetry hardware provides access to the back of cabinets with roll-out bins and caddies.

- Ease cleanup with battery-powered appliances such as a cordless vacuum or power scrubber.