Salt Lake County Commissioners are expected to choose a plan Wednesday to clear up overlapping community council boundaries between Taylorsville-Bennion and Kearns, and between Cottonwood Heights and Holladay-Cottonwood.

The "gray area" between the Taylorsville-Bennion and Kearns communities is mostly developed and the area claimed by the two east-side communities envelops the Old Mill Valley and is mostly gravel pits and bare ground that is poised for development with the recent completion of the nearby I-215 belt route.Turf battles have led to animosity between competing community councils over the years because of differing community philosophies about how land in the gray areas should be developed. County officials have spent the past five years trying to construct an acceptable plan for settling the boundary disputes and have given commissioners three options to work from.

The first option allows the County Commission to set the boundaries after "considering" the results of a vote of the residents and property owners inside the gray area. The Planning Commission approved this option July 26. Representatives of Old Mill Valley landowners support this option, as does the Taylorsville-Bennion Community Council, according to Chairman Jim Whitehead.

The second option allows the County Commission to amend the boundaries after taking input at a public hearing. Cottonwood Heights Community Council member Nick Morgan told the commission at the Sept. 26 hearing he supports this alternative and is definitely against Option 3. The Kearns Town Council also supports this alternative.

The third option allows gives the County Commission authority to fix the disputed boundaries after "considering" the results of a vote of all of the residents and property owners in the competing communities. This option is supported by the Holladay-Cottonwood Community Council, said council member Linda Norton.