Lunch Bucket microwave entrees has a new line of food promising "a balance of good taste and calories." Light Balance can be purchased for $1.69 for the following flavors: Pasta & Garden Vegetables, Chicken Cacciatore, Mushroom Stroganoff, Chicken Fiesta, Beef & Pasta Bordeaux and Beef Americana with pasta.

Kay Hadley: "We tried the Beef Americana variety, and it's quite good! The beef chunks were plentiful; the gravy was tasty, as were the vegetables and pasta. We think this new product would make a great brown bag lunch, provided the office has a microwave."Don Russell: "Our little bucket of pasta and garden vegetables was palatable and zesty but way overpriced. Paying $1.69 for a convenient 8.25-ounce portion of pasta and vegetables without any meat is just simply too much. The peppers and carrots were a welcome addition to our bucket of Light Balance, but they won't help us purchase it."

Doris Wilding: "Obviously manufacturers are into fast, easy and no calories. But I think they've forgotten taste. I did not care for the Mushroom Stroganoff - I'll not purchase it again."

Judy Slack: "We had Chicken Cacciatore, and it was good. The taste was good; and I like the low-fat, low-calorie and cholesterol. On the back, it gave a dietary exchange for dieting. On a lot of diets it's hard to eat a combination of foods without knowing the exchange rate. Light Balance gave it right on the packaging."

Edyth Jensen: "I was pleasantly surprised at at the Chicken Fiesta Light Balance. I expected it to be too spicy but found it was good - I really enjoyed it. This would be good to have on the shelf for a quick lunch."

Conclusion: This microwave meal was a winner with three of our testers. Lunch Bucket reduced the calories but two of our testers think they reduced the taste as well. Too much for too little they said. Looks like it's worth the price if you count calories.

The Deseret News testing panel independently tests products purchased by the Deseret News.