Pauline Empey of West Valley City correctly picked 10 winners of the 12 selected games in last week's Deseret News Grid Picks contest, earning the weekly top-prize honors of $100.

For the record, Empey missed the Auburn-Tennessee tie and UCLA's win over Washington State.Stephen Farnsworth of Salt Lake City was the first of the 10 runners-up, having correctly picked nine winning teams. The remainining nine runners-up were selected from the 43 participants who had selected eight winning teams.

The additional runners-up include Lyle Togge, Potts Kanagne, Brian Lund, Clint Haymond, Sally Miller, Hal Eatchel, Brent Peterson, Craig Paulson, and Darren Marchant. All runners-up are from Salt Lake City, except Haymond, who is from West Jordan.

The runners-up receive a Deseret News "Sports Page" T-shirt, while Empey is eligible as a weekly winner to participant in the $25,000 grand prize contest. To win the grand prize, a weekly winner must correctly guess the halftime and final scores of the BYU-Utah game.

The breakdown of the total 1,473 entries by winners correctly predicted was: 12 - 0; 11 - 0; 10 - 1; 9 - 1; 8 - 43; 7 - 152; 6 - 340; 5 - 449; 4 - 339; 3 - 126; 2 - 19; 1 - 1; and 0 - 2.

In the celebrity portion of the picks contest, the Deseret News duo of Lee Benson and Doug Robinson correctly guessed eight winners of the 12 games, while the KSL Radio pair of Chris Tunis and Jim Braden finished 6-6. The year-to-date results have Benson-Robinson leading Tunis-Braden by a margin of 63.3 percent to 56.7 percent.