To celebrate the international quality and interest in children's books, Monica Hughes, well-known Canadian adventure and science fiction novelist, has written a story to the "Children of the World."

The story, "The Glade," has a message for each child in diverse locales and situations. The Deseret News, combined with the Salt Lake City and County Library Systems, is sponsoring an exhibit of illustrations that interpret the story line. The pictures will be displayed in the local libraries. Rules for entry are at the conclusion of the story.THE GLADE

Once upon a time a band of adventurous children escaped from the Castle of Ignorance and ran away as fast as they could. Night came, with its frightening sounds and mysterious ghostly shapes, and they found themselves in the middle of a dark wood. They could no longer see their way, so they huddled together for warmth and comfort and waited till morning.

When, at last, the night was over and the sun had risen, the children saw, to their surprise, that they were in a glade from which paths led in every direction, so many that it was almost impossible to count them all. Each path twisted and turned so that the children could only guess at what lay around the corner.

"I shall go this way," said one boy, setting off along one of the paths. Before long he came to a medieval city, with high walls and flying banners, and he strode bravely through the great gateway and had many adventures within.

"This path looks exciting," said one girl. "I can't imagine what is around the corner." So she set off in another direction and soon found herself on a space ship, watching the solar system become smaller and smaller as the ship hurtled toward the centre of the galaxy.

"I want to find a magic sword so that I can overcome the wicked giant who kept us prisoner so long," exclaimed one child.

"Me, too," said another, and they set off together along yet another of the paths to do battle with the evil giant.

"I wish that I could see the whole world, every country and all the people. I want to hear their languages and play with their children . . . "

"And I need to know how the world works - why the leaves fall to the ground, yet the stars stay up in the sky. I want to know everything!"

Soon all the children had gone, except for one small girl. She looked around the sunny glade and at the many paths radiating from it, some of which were now being explored, while others still waited for someone to find what was hidden around their corners.

She laid her hand on the smooth bark of a tree and she said out loud, "This place is magic. I wish I knew what it was called."

And the sunny glade answered her. "My name is Library."

Rules for entry of illustrations

A. Entries must be 11x17 inches in size. Any art media may be used. There is no age limit on eligibility. There is no limit on number of entries from one person. Name and age must appear on a label on the front of the illustration. Entries accepted through Nov. 15, 1990.

B. Submit entries to any of the following:

1. Salt Lake City Library - Children's Room

109 E. 500 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

2. Salt Lake County Library

Attention: Michelle Fey

2197 E. 7000 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84212

3. Any participating local or school library