Real estate beat: New Hampshire developer puts down a deposit on the Oregon ranch-commune known as Rajneeshpuram before the late Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was deported back to India in 1985. Hanover Investment Corp. reportedly will pay about $6 million for the 64,229-acre spread, plans to make it a health spa . . . Ex-President Nixon, wife Patricia drop the asking price on their seven-bedroom home in Saddle River, N.J., from $3.25 million to $2.995 million. House has been on the market since May . . . Frank Sinatra, wife Barbara plan to tear down the Malibu house they bought last month for $3 million. They'll build a new home, but plan to keep their main residence in the desert spa of Rancho Mirage.- 2 Live Crew gets an arch-enemy to "open" its Nov. 8 pay-per-view TV concert. Florida lawyer Jack Thompson, who started the letter-writing campaign that produced a federal obscenity ruling - and big album sales - will debate anti-censorship activist Danny Goldberg just before 2 Live Crew makes its appearance.

- Auction results reflect modern tastes, values. A Bruce Springsteen songwriting notebook brought $10,000 at a Beverly Hills auction where an inscribed picture of composer Peter Tchaikovsky went for a paltry $3,200.