To the editor:

Again, Leigh Engelbrecht would have us do away with the annual hunting season and allow tens of thousands of game animals starve to death.As surely as we harvest tomatoes and peaches, we must harvest deer, elk, moose and other game animals. If you choose to not participate in the harvest, I have no argument with that but I don't expect you to object to my right to bear arms and with the proper hunting permits, and a lot of luck, I may shoot and kill one of Utah's many game animals.

I enjoy the hunt. I don't have an excuse of "It's in my blood." I don't do it necessarily for the meat. I enjoy the companionship and the good food and the challenge. I believe it is necessary for the hunters in Utah to harvest the crop.

I don't buy her argument, "Other countries protect their wildlife." I don't know of one, not one country that does not have some kind of game harvest (hunt, if you will) and I know of no one who does a better job of it than this country. We have set aside considerable areas forgame protection. I know of no sportsman or hunter who does not agree with this practice.

E. Wheeler Oliphant

Salt Lake City