Police have found evidence indicating the presence of a man other than the most prominent suspect at the scenes of two of the five college student slayings, an unidentified source told one newspaper.

A second newspaper has cited an unnamed source that a man known to that suspect, Edward Lewis Humphrey, is also a suspect in the five murders.Humphrey, who has not been charged in the slayings, has been jailed in Brevard County for a month on $1 million bond in the beating of his grandmother.

Laboratory analysis shows another man left important physical evidence at the scene of at least two of the five murders last month, law enforcement officials told the St. Petersburg Times.

Investigators still consider Humphrey a suspect in the slayings based on other evidence, however, and they are awaiting more lab test results. Those tests could take as long as six months to complete.

If officials know who left the physical evidence at the two crime scenes, they aren't saying. But they do say it's possible the killer may have worked in concert with a second person.

The mutilated bodies of Sonja Larson, 18, and Christina Powell, 17, were found Aug. 26. The next morning, Christa Hoyt, 18, was found decapitated. Manuel Taboada and Tracy Paules, both 23, were found dead Aug. 28.