It was one of the fastest days ever on the salty track, but it still fell a dozen miles per hour short of a goal.

Al Teague of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., lead a field of racers on Sunday, Day 3 of the Mainstay World of Speed, that posted nine records over 250 miles per hour.In a dramatic nose-to-nose race between Teague and Nolan White of San Diego, Calif., to be recognized as the fastest of the world fastest cars, Teague regained rights by seven-thousandths of a mile per hour, or about a fingertip at speeds nearing 400 mph.

On Friday, in a run made in the last minutes of daylight, White broke a record Teague had set earlier in the day by driving an average two-way speed of 379.5315 mph.

Rain late Friday stopped all high-speed runs Sunday. So Teague rolled out late Sunday afternoon and turned in a 379.600 run to regain right.

Darkness stopped White's run on Sunday, but he was scheduled to be on the line Monday on the final day of the event for one last try. Teague was planning to follow him to the line to do what was necessary to keep the title.

In other record runs, Doug McCombs of Spokane, Wash., lost a door on an earlier run Sunday in his modified diesel truck. He returned later, doorless, to turn a 179.510 mph run and a record on the truck's very first complete attempt. The old record was 160.

Chris Hill of Rancho Cordova, Calif., was the second fastest car on Sunday. Hill set a record of 307.080 to break the old record of 298.340.

Ed Tradup of Brucester, Wash., shattered a land-speed record in his streamliner. He turned a 288.360 to better the old mark of 236 mph.

There were 11 records set on the salt on Sunday, which brings the total for three days to 21 world speed records.